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eighteen billion nine hundred and one million four hundred and twenty-five thousand and seven

Sales team

Cao Guohua eighteen billion nine hundred and one million four hundred and twenty-five thousand and six
Xu Jiangang 13815940307、18901425008

Sales motto:
More than 1000 sets of installation and commissioning experience, 20 years of crane selection plan experience, Cao Guohua to provide you with high-quality products, excellent service.
Sales performance:
Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd., Anhui port and Shipping Investment Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Huilong renewable resources Co., Ltd., Chaohu Port Co., Ltd., Bengbu International Container Terminal Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Meilan chemical group, Shanghai Fuqiang storage Co., Ltd., Shanghai huierhua Industrial Co., Ltd., Hefei Donghua Port Co., Ltd., Nanjing GCL Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Rugao Guoding pipe pile Co., Ltd Hangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Siyang transportation group, Guodian Bengbu Power Generation Co., Ltd., Huachang Chemical, Nantong Ruicheng logistics, etc



Sales motto:
Service is only better, not the best; satisfaction is only the starting point, not the end. Safeguard the interests of customers, adhere to the principle of good faith service.
Sales performance:
Energy and chemical fiber industry
Hengli Petrochemical Group, Shenghong group, Zhejiang Tongkun group, xinfengming group, Lixin group, Aoyang group, Zhejiang Jiaotou, etc
Steel and cement building materials industry
Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Xicheng Steel Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Leida Cement Co., Ltd., Liyang Jinfeng Cement Co., Ltd., Huzhou Xiaopu Nanfang Cement Co., Ltd., Tonglu Nanfang Cement Co., Ltd., Suzhou zhongyifeng group xinyitai construction materials Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Zhongyuan group Zhongyuan Defeng building materials Co., Ltd., etc

Chen Lin thirteen billion seven hundred and seventy-five million seven hundred and eleven thousand six hundred and twenty-five
Li Wenlin fifteen billion one hundred and eighty-nine million nine hundred and twenty-six thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight

Sales motto:
The customer's business, as their own thing to do!
With professional technology to tailor-made high-quality products for you.
With full enthusiasm to provide you with excellent service!
Personal main achievements:
Fq16-25 marine starting machine of Datang Xiangtan Power Generation Co., Ltd
Mq10-35 gantry crane of 63680 army of Chinese people's Liberation Army
Gq10-10 fixed crane of Lianyungang Tianwan Nuclear Power Station
Yuanhe power station Co., Ltd. (Indonesia 2 * 31mW power station project)



Sales motto:
Win the market with quality and make friends with honesty!
Personal main achievements:
Zhangjiagang MSA
Navy Bengbu Sergeant school
Zhoushan Huiqun ocean fishery Co., Ltd
Huai'an Hongze Salt Chemical Co., Ltd
Linggu Chemical Co., Ltd
Rudong Yangkou environmental protection Thermal Power Co., Ltd
The storehouse directly under Taizhou of CSGC
Nantong grain depot directly under the central reserve
CSGC Nantong storage company
Jiangsu Yangzi River Modern Grain Logistics Co., Ltd

Jiang Zongyin fifteen billion fifty-two million eight hundred and ninety-eight thousand two hundred and eighty-two
Li Shenghong eighteen billion nine hundred and one million four hundred and twenty-five thousand and eighteen

Sales creed:
Be honest with others, honest management can meet sincere customers. I am not good at words, kind and responsible, the quality of military products guarantee, customers always say to me: Crane demand again, and continue to look for you!
According to the experience of the owner, the design of the terminal and the size of the cargo yard are recommended. The cranes that I have negotiated and delivered are: 1. Fishing and dredging multi-purpose marine crane (currently the largest in the Yangtze River); 2. Fixed, marine rack variable amplitude, full frequency PLC programming control crane; 3. General cargo multi-purpose crane; 4. Special crane according to materials: grain, cement clinker, stone, stone, coal, yellow sand, etc.; 4. Electric tire crane; 5. Fixed type Hook crane: steel, scrap, coil, steel embryo, etc.


Sales motto:
Conscience as the root, do business integrity-based; Yuanwang port machinery, energy-saving and efficient; I love my enterprise, you love my products!
Sales performance:
Shanghai Laogang waste disposal Co., Ltd., Wanghai Group Nanjing Fengxiang wharf handling Co., Ltd., central China shipping rudder Luokou Port Co., Ltd., Huangshi Port Group Co., Ltd., beautiful rural environmental sanitation project of xuyao village, Chonggu Town, Qingpu, Shanghai, Shanghai Shunda storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yonghe building materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jinxuan Commodity Concrete Co., Ltd., and domestic industry( Suzhou) Xinxing building materials Co., Ltd., Henan Xinyang navigation administration bureau, Kunshan Yingpu Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Shanghai PuYing Concrete Co., Ltd., Taixing Huangqiao Town Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhongying steel cable Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Dongjin Concrete Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Chuangqi environmental protection material Co., Ltd., etc

Wang Hongming eighteen billion nine hundred and one million four hundred and twenty-five thousand and sixteen

After sales service motto:
Customer satisfaction is our aim
1、 major (professional is the foundation of our survival. We provide customers with high-quality, safe, energy-saving, efficient products and considerate and fast service through professional technology, orderly and outstanding management ability. We can make your machine reach the best running state through professional service.).
2、 standard (it is our pursuit to promote service standardization. Through the formulation and implementation of service standards and the application of standardization principles and methods, we can achieve the goal of service quality, the standardization of service methods and the process of service, and provide stable, standardized and continuous service for our customers through the standardization of service).
3、 quick (think of the user's wish, and rush the user's urgency. "Yuanwang" Port Machinery Co., Ltd. provides customers with expert service at any time, 24-hour customer service hotline, effective complaints from customers, 2-hour rapid response, and the most convenient transportation mode to solve customers' problems).
4、 satisfied All of our business activities are the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction. Serving our customers, pursuing customers' satisfaction and exceeding customers' expectations are our unremitting pursuit. Respecting and understanding customers, continuously providing products and services beyond customers' expectations, and being the eternal partner of customers are the service concept that we always adhere to and advocate).
Create for customers “4S” Mobile star service, 24-hour service hotline: 18901425016



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Sales Hotline: 0523-84626008
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After sales service: 18901425016
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technical standard

  • Code for design of cranes
  • Safety regulations for lifting appliances
  • Marine jib crane
  • Safety regulations for port fixed cranes
  • Crane test specification and procedure
  • Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of port equipment installation engineering
  • Wind load code for port cranes
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