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Grain special machine

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Grain special machines: divided into high-efficiency models, ordinary models. Bulk grain can be measured by grab bucket, and bagged grain can also be loaded and unloaded by hook.


Efficient model


Typical grain users:

Grain reserves directly under Lianyungang

Jiaxing warehouses of grain reserves directly under the central government

Guoyang grain depot

Taizhou National Grain Reserve

Taizhou Dongfeng Road grain depot

Grain reserves directly under Xuebu, Jiangsu Province

Huzhou Grain Reserve Management Company

Haimen Huolong grain depot

Grain management office of No.3 Factory of Haimen Grain Bureau

Taixing Grain Reserve

Xinghua Grain Bureau

Guangdong fagard flour Co., Ltd

Guangdong Jinhe flour Co., Ltd

Liyang Jiuhe Feed Co., Ltd

Jiaxing agricultural products trading center development and Construction Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Salt Group Jiaxing Distribution Co., Ltd






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technical standard

  • Code for design of cranes
  • Safety regulations for lifting appliances
  • Marine jib crane
  • Safety regulations for port fixed cranes
  • Crane test specification and procedure
  • Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of port equipment installation engineering
  • Wind load code for port cranes
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