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Walking into Yuanwang

Jiangsu Yuanwang Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Fuyang Road, Jingjiang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, was founded in 1975. It is a professional manufacturer of port cranes, marine cranes and hydraulic explosion-proof cranes (hose cranes). It integrates product development, design, manufacturing and installation.
The company has newly built more than 150000 square meters of large-scale equipment and testing equipment. Our company is one of the first batch of special equipment (lifting machinery) manufacturing license units in China, the license number is ts2432056-2021 and ts2410k00-2021. And the first to pass the international iso9001:2015 standard quality system certification and CCS quality system certification. Our company has obtained nearly 20 utility model patents for cranes. The hydraulic explosion-proof crane (i.e. hose crane) has also obtained the explosion-proof certificate issued by China Petroleum and chemical industry product explosion-proof quality supervision and inspection center. The ship crane has obtained ZC and CCS ship inspection certificate. Our company has strong technical force, excellent equipment, perfect quality assurance system and advanced test and detection means, providing professional port crane development and design, manufacturing detection and perfect after-sales service for users.
The main products are: portal crane, fixed wire rope luffing crane, fixed rack luffing crane, rotary hydraulic explosion-proof crane, floating crane, hydraulic crane, marine crane, electric tire crane, mast crane, various grab and crane related accessories. It is widely used in port, electric power, metallurgy, industrial and mining enterprises in cargo loading and unloading, stacking and dredging, reef digging and lightering of engineering ships. The product design is novel, the craft is advanced, has the multi-purpose, the high efficiency characteristic. "Yuanwang" crane has been evaluated as a famous trademark of Taizhou city.
Our company's important customers, such as China Yuanwang marine satellite survey ship base, national ocean fishing Zhoushan base, Hunan water transportation construction investment group, Shanghai Tunnel Company, Anhui port and shipping construction investment group, state power Bengbu Power Generation Company, Datang Xiangtan power plant, Tianwan nuclear power plant, Shagang Group, several warehouses directly under the China National Grain Storage Corporation, Nanfang cement, Leida cement and jinfengshui Mud, Hengli Chemical fiber, Shenghong chemical fiber, Huachang Chemical Industry, CCCC road and bridge, CCCC first navigation, second navigation and third navigation, Sinopec Jiangsu Branch, Sinopec Anqing Branch, etc. foreign enterprises such as Bangladesh BMC group, Vietnam cotec cement company and Ningping nitrogen fertilizer plant, Thailand Dynasty shipyard, Brunei Hengyi and other foreign enterprises also chose our products. Due to its excellent quality, safety and reliability, reasonable price, the products sell well all over the country and Southeast Asia, and are well received by the majority of users.
The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta Coastal Economic Development Zone, 1.5km away from Jingjiang exit of Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge of Beijing Shanghai expressway. It is 40 kilometers away from Wuxi and Changzhou, 100 kilometers from Suzhou and Yangzhou, 180 kilometers from Shanghai and Nanjing.


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technical standard

  • Code for design of cranes
  • Safety regulations for lifting appliances
  • Marine jib crane
  • Safety regulations for port fixed cranes
  • Crane test specification and procedure
  • Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of port equipment installation engineering
  • Wind load code for port cranes
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