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eighteen billion nine hundred and one million four hundred and twenty-five thousand and seven

After sales service and guarantee

After sales service and training
one Warranty period: The shelf life of the crane is one year from the date of acceptance by the special inspection institute.
two after-sale service
(1) After sales service response time: Respond half an hour after receiving the owner's notice. And send qualified technical personnel to carry tools and instruments within 1 hour, and provide free service. Unless the problem can be solved through communication. General faults are eliminated within 12 hours and serious faults within 48 hours.
(2) We promise that: In the process of equipment production, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, the buyer's technical personnel, maintenance personnel and operators shall be given multiple batches of free professional technical training to ensure that the buyer's relevant personnel understand the performance of the whole machine and master the maintenance and operation essentials.
(3) Service measures during the warranty period: During the warranty period, we are responsible for repairing the damage or failure of the equipment due to the product construction quality.
(4) Lifetime free maintenance labor costs: after one year warranty period, our company will provide a full inspection and maintenance of the whole machine free of charge, and promise that our company will not charge the labor cost of maintenance for life, and only charge the cost of spare parts and materials.
(5) Service measures beyond the warranty period: After the warranty period, we will provide the same service as in the warranty period. Our company will provide all kinds of accessories for the crane for life and supply them at the cost price. Our company will arrive at the scene for service within 1 hour after receiving the notice.
(6) Multi channel contact information:

    1. 7 * 24-hour telephone service hotline: 18901425016
    2. Network service support: info @
    3. Wechat public account service:

(7) During the quality guarantee period, our service engineers regularly visit users.
three technical service
In the user's daily use of any questions, you can directly contact our company, we will provide technical support and question answer at any time.

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Jiangsu Yuanwang Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
(No.10 Fuyang Road, Jingjiang Development Zone, Jiangsu Province)

Manager Wang
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eighteen billion nine hundred and one million four hundred and twenty-five thousand and sixteen


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Administrative headquarters: 86-523-84626000 / 84626001
Sales Hotline: 0523-84626008
Accessories supply: 0523-84626011
After sales service: 18901425016
Fax: 86-523-84626008

technical standard

  • Code for design of cranes
  • Safety regulations for lifting appliances
  • Marine jib crane
  • Safety regulations for port fixed cranes
  • Crane test specification and procedure
  • Standard for quality inspection and evaluation of port equipment installation engineering
  • Wind load code for port cranes
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Address: No.10 Fuyang Road, development zone, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel: 86-523-84626000 / 84626001
Fax: 86-523-84626008 technical support: New super cloud network